Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics

Opinions and Experiences

Volume 10 (Year 2009)

  • Why OS/2 Failed: Business Mistakes Compounded by Memory Prices
    Eric G. Swedin, Weber State University Davis

      Articles listed below were submitted in response to an open invitation for pieces on the 2008 financial crisis. I would like to thank the authors for their timely submissions, and the referees for quick turnarounds. Unfortunately, the 9 weeks between the invitation and the publication of Volume 9 # 2 at the end of 2008 did not leave enough time for all submissions to be evaluated. These 3 pieces missed that deadline.

    David Tufte
    1. A Freer Markets Approach to Fixing the Housing Market
      Clark L. Maxam, University of Idaho, and MaryCarol B. Maxam, Trailcrest Capital Advisors, LLC

    2. Myths and Realities of College Retirement
      Dennis Vredenburg and Alan Hamlin, Southern Utah University, Casimir Barczyk, Purdue University - Calumet, Larry Carstenson, University of Nebraska at Kearney
    3. Perspectives On the Sources and Eventual Outcome of the 2008 Economic and Financial Crisis: A Panel Discussion
      Stephen T. Evans, David Tufte, and Steven D. Harrop, Southern Utah University, Robb Kerry, ADB Bank, and Joe G. Baker, Southern Utah University