Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics

General Research

Volume 6 (Year 2005)

  1. MBA Expenses Can Be Deductible: Revisiting the Aged Sherman Case
    Katherine D. Black and Jeffrey N. Barnes, Southern Utah University
  2. The Effects of Government Reimbursement on Hospital Costs:
    Some Empirical Evidence from Washington State

    Dan Friesner, Gonzaga University, Robert Rosenman, Washington State University, and Matthew McPherson, Gonzaga University
  3. Individual and Team Behaviors: Exploring the Role of Esprit de Corps
    Drue K. Schuler and Paula S. Weber, St. Cloud State University
  4. E-International Hospital Website Strategy Comparisons
    Jana Roberta Minifie, Judy Dietert, and Bill Middlebrook, Texas State University
  5. A Two-Country Comparison Of Online Shopping Behavior
    Werner Schmidt, Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences Computer Information Systems & Multimedia,
    Margaret A. Young, New Mexico Highlands University, and James E. Weber, St. Cloud State University