Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics

General Research

Volume 1 (Year 2000)

  1. An Analysis Of Service Department Cost Allocation Error
    David S. Christensen, Southern Utah University
  2. The Use of Collaborative Learning as a Tool for Skill Integration: The Problem of Group Self-Selection
    Mark Linville, Assistant Professor, Washington State University
  3. Two Models of Corporate Social Responsibility to Communities
    Alan Wallace, Mesa State College
  4. Managing a Ripple in the New Wave of Education Initiatives: Validity of Asessment
    Judson C. Faurer, Metropolitan State College of Denver
  5. Virtual Teams in the Classroom: A Case Study
    Nancy E. Landrum, Morehead State University, Lori D. Paris, New Mexico State University
  6. Electronic Commerce Viability by Industry Group
    William S. Remington, Emporia State University
  7. Post-Pinochet Chile and Decree Law 600 (or, How to Make a Developing Economy Sizzle!)
    Richard Scott, Judith Scott, Debora Gilliard, Norm Pence, Metropolitan State College of Denver
  8. Organizational Culture: Relationship to Uncertainty, Sensemaking and Organizational Effectiveness
    Rolf D. Dixon, Weber State University
  9. A Manager's Guide to Diagnosing Conflict: The 3-D Approach
    Suresh Gopalan, Columbus State University, David Summers, West Texas A&M University
  10. Cybershopping Levels the Playing Field Global Retailing
    Charles D. McCullough, Midwestern State University
  11. E-Commerce as a Competitive Advantage for Small Businesses: Overcoming Privacy and Security Issues
    Ron Lennon and Julisse Oquist, Barry University
  12. Conservation Easement Grantors: Doing Good and Doing Well
    Nancy Oppenheimer, Fort Lewis College
  13. Similiarities Between BCIS and Other Business Students' Ratings of Technical Skill Importance
    James E. Weber, Vicky J. McIntyre, Mark Schmidt, St. Cloud State University
  14. The Use and Value of Data Warehousing in Higher Education
    Robert P. Weber, State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio, James E. Weber, St. Cloud State University
  15. How Multinational Companies Gain a Competitive Advantage Through the Effective Use of Knowledge Management
    Alan Hamlin and Greg Powell, Southern Utah University