Procedures to Host the Mountain Plains Conference


There is a core of several universities which rotate the hosting of the annual Mountain Plains Management Association conference.   These include Idaho State University, Southern Utah University, Colorado Mesa University, and University of Nebraska at Kearney.  There are also a small number of “at large” openings in which other colleges and universities may host the conference.  Recent examples of these at-large hosts include Utah Valley University and Weber State University.  The MPMA Board of Directors encourages any interested parties representing business schools to contact them for consideration at a host in the future.  A list of Board members, Association members and other information about both the Association and the annual conference can be obtained at the official website-  EACH HOST INSTITUTION KEEPS ALL PROFITS GENERATED BY THE CONFERENCE- THERE IS NO PAYMENT MADE TO THE MPMA FOR HOSTING.

The By-Laws of the organization specify the procedures and expectations about hosting the conference.  They include:



5.1 Annual Conference.  The annual conference of the Mountain Plains Management Association (MPMA) shall be the Mountain Plains Management Conference (MPMC) and shall be held in the fall, usually October, as established by the Board of Directors in cooperation with the host-college or university.

5.01a Best of Track Award.  The Mountain Plains Management Association wishes to acknowledge the best conference papers submitted each year.  The host school reviews the submissions in each track and awards a “Best of Track” plaque and a single cash award to the author of that paper.  If there are multiple authors, they can divide the cash award to their satisfaction.

5.01b Contribution to subsequent conference.   At the conclusion of a conference, the host school will deliver $500 to the next host school to assist in financing the initial activities for the subsequent Mountain Plains Management Conference. 

5.01c Conference tracks.  The following tracks are offered at each management conference: Pedagogy, Economics, Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Management, and Marketing.  Additional special focus tracks sponsored by the host university are acceptable. 

5.01 d  Host Colleges or Universities.  The Board of Directors is responsible for approving a rotation of host colleges or universities.   This conference is hosted on a rotating basis among four colleges, including Idaho State University, Southern Utah University, Mesa State College (Grand Junction), and University of Nebraska at Kearney and other colleges chosen by the Board of Directors.  The directors will choose from among those colleges who have submitted a letter of intent from the dean (or similar authority) of the candidate college.

5.01 e  Conference Chair Responsibilities.  This person is responsible for planning and executing the entire annual conference, including paper sessions, refreshments, banquets, awards, identifying lodging and parking, and other aspects necessary for a successful conference.   This person shall appoint track chairs, discussants and reviewers to conduct blind reviews for papers submitted, organize and staff paper sessions, and determine best paper awards. This person shall be responsible for producing a Proceedings CD to be distributed at the MPMC.  The Conference Chair shall also communicate at least monthly via email with the President of the Board of Directors as to the status of preparations for the conference and shall submit a final financial statement at the Board of Directors’ annual meeting.

5.01 f  Contractual Obligations.  No member of the host school shall be allowed to bind MPMA into any contractual obligation or legal status.  All financial and contractual arrangements for MPMC will be solely the responsibility of the host school, including but not limited to the establishment of any bank accounts.

5.01 g  Conference Registration Fee.  The Board of Directors will set the MPMC registration fee for the next year’s conference at its meeting at the present year’s conference.

5.01 h  Conference Profit or Loss.   The host school is responsible for all revenue and expenses of the MPMC that it hosts.  MPMA is not responsible for any operating loss.  The host school is entitled to retain any profit it might earn, less any annual charges set by the Board of Directors, such as a contribution to the subsequent conference.

5.01 i. Advertising the Conference. The host school will advertise MPMC with its ordinal designation and as a national conference, e.g., ‘the 51st National Meeting of the Mountain Plains Management Conference.

5.2 Members Business Meeting.  At the annual conference, the program schedule will include a time and place for a business meeting of the MPMA membership.  This meeting will have as its purpose the election of board members, receiving reports of officers and committees, and for any other business that may arise.  An agenda will be provided in the registration packet at the conference site. 

5.3 Board of Directors Meeting.  The Board will meet at the annual meeting, prior to the members business meeting.  Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Board Chairperson if a majority of the Board’s members support such a meeting.