45th Annual Meeting of the Mountain Plains Management Conference

Board Meeting

October 9, 2003 at 7:30 p.m.



Casimir Barczyk, James Frost, Richard Vail, Mary Zimmerer, Debora Gilliard, Jim Jensen, Dana Stover, Wayne Rogers, and Mario Reyes



Paula Weber – in Germany


1.         Nominating Committee Report


Eric Pratt, Roy Cook and Casimir Barczyk’s terms are ending.   Casimir agreed to extend his term as Board Chair through next year.  Southern Utah University will provide two members and we will be contacted with those names.  Dana Stover agreed to send recognition plaques to Eric Pratt and Roy Cook. 


Richard Vail and Mary Zimmerer will be co-chairs at Mesa State College next year.


The position of Board Chair Elect for the Board of Directors is established to provide succession continuity.  James Frost accepts the nomination as Board Chair Elect.  The Board certified Jim’s appointment. 


2.         Report on Conference Matters


Dana Stover reported the following: 


33 registered participants at the 45th Annual Meeting

            7 additional attendees

29 papers and workshops presented at University of Idaho

32 papers submitted

            4 rejected or withdrawn


Suggestions for the next conference:


a.         A board meeting during the Friday luncheon should be planned

b.         The mailing list needs to be up-dated; Mesa State has 1300 names

c.         Mesa State will pass out a survey tomorrow to identify how participants “heard” about the conference

d.         Two-year schools will be pursued

e.         Book representatives are potential supporters for plaques and refreshments

f.          The host school will provide plaques for best paper awards and retiring board members



Electronic Journal of Business and Economics statistics:


a.         Vol. 4 (2002) 25 papers submitted, 8 accepted, 32% acceptance

b.         Vol. 3 (2001) 27 % acceptance


It was suggested that the recipient of the “Best Paper Award” at the Conference be encouraged to submit his/her article to the electronic journal and provided with $50 to pay the submission fee. 


3.         Rotation Schedule


University of Idaho (2003 hosts) will provide $500 seed money to Mesa State.


Mesa State will forward the “Call for Papers” to Southern Utah University that hosts the Mountain Plains home page.  The next conference is scheduled for October 14 – 16, 2004.


It is requested that the list of participants be forwarded to Southern Utah University for inclusion on the members list.


The rotation schedule for future Mountain Plains Management Conferences is:


Mesa State College, Grand Junction, CO in 2004 – 46th conference

Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT in 2005 – 47th conference

Metro State College, Denver, CO in 2006 – 48th conference

Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID in 2007 – 49th conference


Utah Valley College should be contacted to see if they wish to host a conference.


Casimir will send a “thanks for the effort” letter for Mario Reyes and Dana Stover to the U of I president and Dean of the College of Business.


4.         By-Laws Amendment


The verbiage of Section 6.3 of the Mountain Plains Management Conference by-laws will be amended to indicate the three-year term of office for elected board members.  Mesa State College will send out the amendment to all members for approval next year at the meeting (required to be sent thirty days before the vote).


5.         Organizing Interest Divisions


A desirable goal is to establish permanent tracks for the Mountain Plains Manage- ment Conference so the host school can focus on organizing the conference, rather than hurriedly establishing temporary (for one year only) tracks for each discipline.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.