Meeting of the Board of Directors

Mountain Plains Management Association

October 7, 2010



The 2010 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order at 12:45 p.m. by Board President Casimir Barczyk in Room 229A at Weber State University – Davis Campus.  Board members in attendance were: Alan Hamlin, Donald Carpenter, James Frost, Ed Harris, Srivatsa Seshadri, David Summers and Richard Vail.  Geoff Gurka and Larry Carstenson also attended.


The minutes of the October 8, 2009 Board of Directors meeting were revised to correct the year reported in item 1 to 2009.  The minutes were approved as amended.


Ed Harris, Conference Chair, reported on the activities of the 2010 Mountain Plains Management Conference (MPMC).  There were 54 paid registrants.  There were 59 submissions, which included 27 full papers and 32 abstracts.  The winners of the Best in Track paper awards will each receive a certificate and a $100 cash award.   The Board expressed its sincere gratitude to Ed Harris and his organizing team for a job well done.


Returning members of the Board of Directors, term expiration years, and roles for 2009-10 are as follows:


Alan Hamlin, 2012, Member

Casimir Barczyk, 2012, President

            Carla Cabarle, 2010

Donald Carpenter, 2010

James Frost, 2012, Member

Ed Harris, 2011, Conference Chair

Srivatsa Seshadri, 2011, Member

            David Summers, 2012, Member

            Richard Vail, 2010, Past Conference Chair


Tom Liesz, 2012, Conference Chair Elect, effectively resigned because of his institution’s withdrawal as host of the 2011 MPMC at the University of Idaho.


An amendment to the Bylaws of the Mountain Plains Management Association, Section 5.01 d, Article V (Host Colleges or Universities), was discussed and revised.  The revised document was approved by the Board and will be voted on at the Membership Meeting on October 8, 2010.   The revised amendment is appended to these minutes. 


The Board discussed and approved the following rotation schedule:


53rd  National Meeting of the MPMC – Mesa State College in 2011

54th National Meeting of the MPMC – University of Nebraska – Kearney in 2012

55th National Meeting of the MPMC – Southern Utah University in 2013

56th National Meeting of the MPMC – Idaho State University in 2014

57th National Meeting of the MPMC – Mesa State College in 2015


The Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors, comprised of Donald Carpenter, Srivatsa Seshadri, and David Summers, recommended:


That Suzanne Lay of Mesa State College be nominated as a Board member for a term ending in 2013.

That Larry Carstenson of the University of Nebraska – Kearney be nominated as a replacement for the Board position vacated by Srivatsa Seshadri for a term ending in 2011. 

That David Summers be appointed President of the Board for a one year term ending in 2011.

That Geoff Gurka of Mesa State College be appointed to the Board and named Conference Chair with a term ending in 2013.

That Kay Hodge of the University of Nebraska – Kearney be appointed to the Board and named Conference Chair Elect with a term ending in 2013


The nominations of Suzanne Lay and Larry Carstenson will be submitted for a vote at the October 8, 2010 Membership Meeting. 


The appointments of David Summers, Geoff Gurka, and Kay Hodge are Board actions that do not require a vote by the membership.


Going into the 2011 MPMC, and assuming that the recommendations of the Nominating Committee are approved, the Board will consist of the following members: 


            Alan Hamlin¸ Southern Utah University, Member, 2012

Casimir Barczyk, Purdue University Calumet, Member, 2012

            Larry Carstenson, University of Nebraska – Kearney, Member, 2012

James Frost, Idaho State University, Member, 2012

Geoff Gurka, Mesa State College, Conference Chair, 2013

Ed Harris, Weber State University, Past Conference Chair, 2011

Kay Hodge, University of Nebraska – Kearney, Conference Chair Elect, 2013

Suzanne Lay, Mesa State College, Member, 2013 

            David Summers, University of Houston – Victoria, President, 2012


The Board recommended that the website of the MPMC contain a link that would describe the process of becoming a conference host.  The next opportunity to host a conference would be in 2016, in which case, an institutional commitment would have to be received in 2014. 


The Board requested Donald  Carpenter to draft an amendment to the Bylaws that would address Board membership and named chair positions. 


The Board decided that future conferences should produce two CD’s, one of which would be the Proceedings containing full papers.  The other would contain “Other Presentations” of the named meeting, e.g., the 53rd National Meeting of the MPMC. 


There being no further business, the meeting  was adjourned at 1.45 p.m.  The next formal meeting will occur in October 2011 on the campus of Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado.   




2010 Revised Amendment to the Bylaws of the MPMA

[In September 2010, the Board of Directors of the Mountain Plains Management Association voted to present the following proposed amendment to the MPMA Bylaws to be considered by the MPMA Membership at its annual meeting on October 8, 2010 in Layton, Utah.  It was amended at the Board of Directors meeting on October 7, 2010.]

"5.01 d  Host Colleges or Universities.  The Board of Directors is responsible for approving a rotation of host colleges or universities.   This conference is hosted on a rotating basis among four colleges, including Idaho State University, Southern Utah University, Mesa State College (Grand Junction), and the University of Nebraska at Kearney and other colleges chosen by the Board of Directors.  The directors will choose from among those colleges who have submitted a letter of intent from the dean (or similar authority) of the candidate college."