Meeting of the Board of Directors

Mountain Plains Management Association

October 8, 2009



The 2009 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order at 3:30 p.m. by Board President Casimir Barczyk in the Board Room of the Academic Classroom Building at Mesa State College.  Board members in attendance were: Carla Cabarle, Donald Carpenter, James Frost, Ed Harris, Sri Seshadri, David Summers and Richard Vail.  Alan Hamlin also attended.


The minutes of October 10, 2008 Board of Directors meeting were approved as submitted.


Richard Vail, Conference Chair, reported on the activities of the 2009 Mountain Plains Management Conference (MPMC) 2009.  There were 44 paid registrants and twelve student participants.  There were 57 presentations, which included 4 workshops, 2 panels, 39 papers, and 12 abstracts.  The conference will turn a modest profit.  The winners of the Best in Track paper awards will each receive a certificate and a $100 cash award.   The Board expressed its sincere gratitude to Richard Vail and his organizing team for a job well done.


Returning members of the Board of Directors, term expiration years, and roles for 2009-10 are as follows:


Casimir Barczyk, 2009, President

            Carla Cabarle, 2010

Donald Carpenter, 2010

James Frost, 2009, Past Conference Chair

Ed Harris, 2011, Conference Chair Elect

Sri Seshadri, 2011

            David Summers, 2009

            Richard Vail, 2010, Conference Chair


There are three vacant positions for 2009-2012 as the terms for C. Barczyk, J. Frost, and D. Summers expire at the conclusion of the 2009 MPMC. 


The Nominating Committee, comprised of Donald Carpenter, Sri Seshadri and Richard Vail, recommended that Casimir Barczyk, James Frost and David Summers be reelected to the Board to maintain institutional knowledge.  The 2011 Conference Chair also needs to be on the Board, highlighting the need for an amendment to the Bylaws to expand the Board to nine members. At the time of the Board meeting, the 2011 Conference Chair was presumed to be Alan Hamlin. He was subsequently elected at the Membership Meeting. After the conference ended, it was determined the 2011 Conference Chair would be Tom Liesz from University of Idaho, leaving the Board with ten members and in violation of the amended Bylaws. Subsequently Donald Carpenter resigned to allow Board membership to remain at nine members.


Going into the 2010 MPMC, the Board  membership is as follows:


Casimir Barczyk, President, 2012

            Carla Cabarle, 2010

James Frost, 2012

Alan Hamlin, 2012

Ed Harris, Conference Chair, 2011

Tom Liesz, Conference Chair Elect, 2012

Sri Seshadri, 2011

            David Summers, 2012

            Richard Vail, Past Conference Chair, 2010


At the Board meeting, Southern Utah University agreed to host the 2011 MPMC.  Several weeks after the meeting SUU withdrew in favor of the University of Idaho being the host.


Therefore the tentative schedule for future conferences is:


52nd annual conference at Weber State University in 2010

53rd annual conference at University of Idaho in 2011

54th annual conference at Southern Utah University in 2012

55th annual conference at University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2013

56th annual conference at Idaho State University in 2014.

57th annual conference at Mesa State College in 2015.


Two amendments to the Bylaws of the Mountain Plains Management Association were discussed. Those have been approved by the Board and will be presented for a vote at the Membership Meeting.

            a.         Section 1, Article V:   Name of the conference

            b.         Section 6, Article VI:  Number of board members


Casimir Barczyk discussed the notion of a SWOT analysis for the MPMA.  The major theme arising from that analysis was to better market the conference, which included using the www.conferencealerts.com website.


Alan Hamlin discussed the past year’s activity of the Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics. 


Casimir Barczyk was nominated  to be reelected as President of the Board of Directors of the MPMA for the term 2009-10.  He was elected unanimously.


There being no further business, the meeting  was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.  The next formal meeting will be in October 2010 at Weber State University, Layton, Utah.