October 11, 2008


1.      The meeting was called to order by Don Carpenter, President of the Board of Directors


2.      Minutes from October 12, 2007 MPMC membership meeting were approved as submitted.


3.      Carpenter introduced the 2007-08 Board of Directors, noting expiration year of their terms.

Casimir Barczyk, Purdue University-Calumet, Member, 2009

Carla Cabarle, Minot State Universtiy, Member, 2010

Don Carpenter, Mesa State College, President, 2010

Larry Carstenson, University of Nebraska at Kearney, Past Conference Chair, 2008

            James Frost, Idaho State University, Conference Chair, 2009

Alan Hamlin, Southern Utah University, Member, 2008

            David Summers, University of Houston-Victoria, Member, 2009

            Richard Vail, Mesa State College, Conference Chair Elect, 2010


4.      Carpenter expressed MPMA’s sincere appreciation for an outstanding MPMC 2008 to James Frost and Idaho State University’s Informatics Research Institute.  Frost introduced and thanked members of the organizing team.  Frost then presented the Best Paper Awards.


5.      On behalf of Alan Hamlin, Carpenter discussed the Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics.  He stressed the need for submissions and for reviewers.  He noted that additional information can be read on the MPJBE web site or can be obtained from Hamlin


6.      Carpenter presented the Board recommendation that Sri Seshadri should be elected to fill a vacant position on the Board of Directors.  He called for additional nominations from the floor.  None being offered, he called for the vote and membership approved Seshadri’s appointment.   Carpenter also noted that the chair of the 2010 MPMC will also join the Board according to the Bylaws.


7.      Carpenter discussed the proposed amendment to the Bylaws (attached) that had been distributed by email a month earlier as required in the Bylaws and had been forwarded by the Board for approval.  With no discussion forthcoming, the amendments were approved by vote of the members.


8.      Richard Vail discussed MPMC 2009 which will held at Mesa State College.  He distributed the Call for Papers.  Carpenter demonstrated the web site for MPMC 2009 which is up and running.


9.      Carpenter explained the pending amendments that the Board is likely to propose for approval at the October 2009 MPMA General Membership Meeting.  Specifically, he called for discussion on the notion of adverting MPMC as a national conference.  Positive feedback was offered by members.


10.  Carpenter introduced Casey Barczyk as the new President of the Board for 2008-09 and congratulated him on his election.  Barczyk described his intention to grow MPMC.


11.  With no further business, Barczyk adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.  The next Members Business Meeting will be in October 2009 in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Approved Amendments to the Bylaws of Mountain Plains Management Association


1. Clarifying the terms of Board Members.




At the October 2007 Board of Directors annual meeting, the Board discussed confusion that presently exists regarding terms of service of the Board Members.  The confusion occurs when a Board Member becomes the Conference Chair Elect during his/her term of office, thereby extending the term for three years as the Conference Chair Elect rotates to Conference Chair and then to Past Conference Chair.


Proposed Amendment 1


Section 6.3 shall be amended by the addition of the following sentence: “If a member of the Board of Directors becomes the Conference Chair Elect, that member’s term of office shall be extended and will end after having served as Conference Chair Elect, Conference Chair and Past Conference Chair.


2. Clarifying relationship to Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics.




At the October 2007 Board of Directors annual meeting, the Board discussed the relationship between MPMA and the Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics, which is not mentioned in the Bylaws.


Proposed Amendment 2


The following section shall be added to the Bylaws: “2.5 Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics.  The Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics (MPJBE) is a double-blind peer-reviewed electronic publication hosted by Southern Utah University, which is responsible for operations, interaction with authors and reviewers, and the journal’s budget.  MPJBE’s editor periodically informs the Board as to the state of the journal.”


3. Clean-up




At the October 2006 Mountain Plains Management Conference, the membership approved an amendment that changed the title of the “Chairman of the Board” to the “President of the Board,” but some related wording was not changed.


Proposed Amendment 3


In Sections 7.1 and 7.3 of the Bylaws, “Board Chairperson” shall be changed to “President of the Board of Directors.”