October 10, 2008


1.      The 2008 meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Board President Don Carpenter at 4:15 p.m. in Room B of the Renaissance Center at Idaho State University in Pocatello.  Other Board members in attendance were: Casimir Barczyk, Carla Cabarle, Larry Carstenson, James Frost, Alan Hamlin, David Summers and Richard Vail.  One guest in attendance was Ed Harris from Weber State University.


2.      The minutes of October 11, 2007 Board of Directors meeting were approved as submitted.


3.      Frost reported on MPMC 2008.  There are 43 paid registrants and twelve student participants.  There are 53 presentations.  The conference will turn a modest profit.  The winners of the Best in Track paper awards will each receive a plaque and $100.  The Board expressed its sincere gratitude to Frost and his organizing team for a job well done.


4.      Based on Harris’ assurance that it is highly likely that Weber State University will be able to host MPMC 2010, Hamlin (Barczyk) moved the Board approve that scenario.  The motion passed.  Based on the good job done on MPMC 2007, Hamlin (Barczyk) moved that the University of Nebraska at Kearney host MPMC 2012. The motion passed.


Therefore the tentative schedule for future conferences is:

51st annual conference at Mesa State College in 2009

52nd annual conference at Weber State University in 2010

53rd annual conference at Southern Utah University in 2011

54th annual conference at University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2012

55th annual conference at Idaho State University in 2013.


If Weber State University is unable to host in 2010, Southern Utah University will move ahead in the schedule to 2010 and the Board will find a different host for 2011.  Harris will report within a few days as to whether Weber State will be the host.                   


5.      Carpenter read a letter from Dr. Morgan Bridge, Business Department Head at Mesa State College reaffirming Mesa State’s intent to host MPMC 2009.  Vail discussed plans for MPMC 2009 and distributed a conference announcement and a call for papers.  Additional copies will be distributed at the Friday business meeting.


6.      Returning members, term expiration years, and roles of the Board of Directors for 2008-09

Casimir Barczyk, 2009

      Carla Cabarle, 2010

Donald Carpenter, 2010

James Frost, 2009, Past Conference Chair

      David Summers, 2009, Member

      Richard Vail, 2010, Conference Chair

There are two empty seats to fill for 2008-2011 terms as Cartenson’s and Hamlin’s terms expire at the end of MPMC 2008.


7.      Frost reported that the Nominating Committee (comprised of himself as chair, Barczyk and Carstenson) recommends Sri Seshadri from University of Nebraska at Kearney to fill one position.  The other position will be filled by the Conference Chair Elect who chairs MPMC 2010.  That will be either Ed Harris of Weber State University or Alan Hamlin of Southern Utah University (see #4, above) and requires no vote of the membership.


Carstenson (Hamlin) nominated Sri Seshadri to fill one Board vacancy and was elected unanimously, subject to ratification by the Membership at the next day’s meeting.


Barczyk (Hamlin) moved that the Board present to the MPMA membership at MPMC 2009 an amendment to Article VI, Section 3 of the Bylaws to change the first sentence to read “The Board of Directors consists of at least eight members.”  The motion passed.


8.      Hamlin discussed the past year’s activity of the Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics.  There were 17 submissions to the journal, five were accepted, one was rejected, and eight are presently in revision.  The 29% acceptance rate is enviable although the number of submissions is lower than preferred.  Discussion ensued as to whether the journal’s name should be changed to give it broader appeal and as to how to advertise the journal more broadly.  The Board took no action as MPJBE is autonomous in such matters.


The discussion continued about broadening the appeal of MPMC.  The conference has a longer history than many and does draw a national audience.  Therefore, Hamlin/Summers moved that the Board present to the MPMA membership at MPMC 2009 an amendment to create Item i within Section 1 of Article V of the Bylaws, to read “The host school will advertise MPMC with its ordinal designation and as a national conference, e.g., ‘the 51st National Meeting of the Mountain Plains Management Conference.’”  The motion passed.


9.      Hamlin (Carstenson) nominated Barczyk to be President of the Board of Directors of MPMA for 2008-09 term of office.  He was elected unanimously.


10.  The attached proposed amendments to Bylaws were discussed.  Hamlin (Summers) moved to pass the amendments to the Members to consider at Friday’s Members Business Meeting.  The motion passed.


11.  (New business)  Carpenter raised the question—that had come to light several days before—as to whether there should be a stated requirement that each MPMC include a special speaker or activity or event.  The Board took no action, noting that is the prerogative of the host school.


12.  (New business)  Carpenter raised the question—that had come to light earlier in the day—as to whether there should be an official historian for MPMA to preserve proceedings, minutes and other important documents.  The Board took no action, but the consensus was that such items should be worked into the MPMA official website that is operated by Southern Utah University.


13.  Carpenter will prepare and distribute the minutes and amended Bylaws.


14.  With no further business presented, the meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.  The next formal meeting will be in October 2009 in Grand Junction, Colorado. 



Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws of Mountain Plains Management Association


1. Clarifying the terms of Board Members.




At the October 2007 Board of Directors annual meeting, the Board discussed confusion that presently exists regarding terms of service of the Board Members.  The confusion occurs when a Board Member becomes the Conference Chair Elect during his/her term of office, thereby extending the term for three years as the Conference Chair Elect rotates to Conference Chair and then to Past Conference Chair.


Proposed Amendment 1


Section 6.3 shall be amended by the addition of the following sentence: “If a member of the Board of Directors becomes the Conference Chair Elect, that member’s term of office shall be extended and will end after having served as Conference Chair Elect, Conference Chair and Past Conference Chair.


2. Clarifying relationship to Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics.




At the October 2007 Board of Directors annual meeting, the Board discussed the relationship between MPMA and the Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics, which is not mentioned in the Bylaws.


Proposed Amendment 2


The following section shall be added to the Bylaws: “2.5 Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics.  The Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics (MPJBE) is a double-blind peer-reviewed electronic publication hosted by Southern Utah University, which is responsible for operations, interaction with authors and reviewers, and the journal’s budget.  MPJBE’s editor periodically informs the Board as to the state of the journal.”


3. Clean-up




At the October 2006 Mountain Plains Management Conference, the membership approved an amendment that changed the title of the “Chairman of the Board” to the “President of the Board,” but some related wording was not changed.


Proposed Amendment 3


In Sections 7.1 and 7.3 of the Bylaws, “Board Chairperson” shall be changed to “President of the Board of Directors.”