Attendance: James Frost, Alan Hamlin, Donald Carpenter, Richard Vail, Nolan Lickey, Kay Hodge (substitute for Larry Carstenson).  


Nolan Lickey reported that there were 51 papers accepted for presentation at the conference with 58 paying participants.    There are 41 papers on the conference CD -ROM.  Eight to twelve papers will be included in the Journal of Business Inquiry as a Special Edition. 


The succession of

47th annual conference at Southern Utah University in 2005

48th annual conference at Utah Valley State College in 2006

49th annual conference at University of Nebraska Kearney in 2007

50th annual conference at Idaho State University in 2008

51st annual conference at Mesa State College in 2009

52nd annual conference at XXXXXXXXXXXX in 2010

53rd annual conference at Southern Utah University in 2011


University of Nebraska Kearney has a web site prepared for next year’s conference () and a call for papers ready for distribution.  They are offering continued development of the MPMC at this web site for an annual fee. 


We will require an acceptance letter from the Dean of the host college in the future to indicate the school’s commitment to our endeavor. 


Alan Hamlin will contact several schools to identify their interest for hosting in 2010.  The schools are Metro State (Jerry Geisler), New Mexico State (John Groesbeck), UNLV and potentially a Colorado school (Air Force Academy or UNC). 


The board of directors was reconstituted as the term of officers was reached. 


Donald Carpenter – President of the Board of Directors

Members of the board (2006 – 2007):

            Alan Hamlin - Member

            Larry Carstenson – Conference Chair

            James Frost – Conference Chair Elect

            Casimir Barczyk - Member

            David Summers - Member

            Richard Vail - Member

            Nolan Lickey – Past Conference Chair


Changes to the by-laws accepted by two-thirds vote at the business luncheon.

Section 4.01a Conference Chair.  This officer is the designee of the host-college or university that was approved by the Board of Directors for the next annual meeting.  The Conference Chair will assume office at the close of the last year’s annual conference and serves in that capacity until the next annual conference.

Section 4.01b Past Conference Chair.  At the close of the annual conference the Conference Chair becomes the Past Conference Chair.

Section 4.01c Conference Chair Elect.  This officer is the designee of the host school for the year-after-next annual meeting..  It should be the track chairperson, but could be a designee.  The purpose is to maintain continuity of operations and to learn how to improve the conference.

Section 4.01d President of the Board of Directors.  The President of the Board of Directors is elected by members of the Board of Directors.


Section 5.01a Best of Track Award.  The Mountain Plains Management Conference wishes to acknowledge the best conference papers submitted each year.  The host school reviews the submissions in each track and awards a “Best of Track” plaque and a single cash award to the author of that paper.  If there are multiple authors, they can divide the cash award to their satisfaction.

Section 5.01b Contribution to subsequent conference.   At the conclusion of a conference, the host school will deliver $500 to the next host school to assist in financing the initial activities for the subsequent Mountain Plains Management Conference. 

Section 5.01c Conference tracks.  The following tracks are offered at each management conference: Pedagogy, Economics, Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Management, and Marketing.  Additional special focus tracks sponsored by the host university are acceptable. 


Future Action Items:

Utah Valley State College offered to consider publishing a special edition of the Journal of Business Inquiry annually for the MPMC.  The ensuing discussion centered on why have a special edition if the requirements for publication are the same as the regular journal. 


It was suggested that $10 – 20 be added to the conference fees to establish a fund for scholarships and membership. 


The separation of by-laws for the Mountain Plains Management Association and the Mountain Plains Management Conference will continue over the next few months.  The initial two documents are separated by Alan Hamlin.