Members present:  Casimir Barcyczk, Jim Frost, Jerry Geisler, Alan Hamlin for John Groesbeck, Eric Pratt, Mary Zimmerer, and guest Susan Owings for Roy Cook.


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m.


1.   President/Program Chair Jim Frost presented the basics about the conference:

            Twenty participating universities from nine states;

            Forty registered participants:

                        16 papers published in the proceedings;

                        24 papers and abstracts presented.


Discussion ensued about the fall off in attendance, promotional efforts, and whether or not this was a trend.


Geisler reviewed actions taken by the Board during 2000-2001.  The site rotation with seven campuses (meeting #44 in 2002 at Fort Lewis in Durango, Colorado; #45 at the University of Idaho; #46 at the University of Northern Colorado; #47 at Mesa State College, #48 at Metropolitan State College of Denver; and #49 at Southern Utah  University) was viewed as positive but with some concern as the trend for conferences seems to be destination sites.  The Board “believes” the MPMC’s tradition of meeting on campuses serves a niche that is of sufficient size for it.  The attendance at Durango next year will be viewed as a test of our system, however. The issues are establishing a stable rotation, getting track chairs in place, and improving quality each year. 


Regarding the track chair system, Geisler prepared and distributed a document that explains the plan and contains an application form.  Barcyzk and Pratt agreed to assist in processing the applications for recommendation to the Board.


Some discussion of the Requirements for Host Schools followed.  All participants are encouraged to examine the requirements and suggest additions, or rethinking.  Even though it is labeled as a working draft, it is considered to be Board policy.


Under new business the Board elected Geisler to a second term as B oard Chairman.


In building a working agenda for 2001-2002, the following items were discussed:

Geisler proposed a survey of the membership, past and present, as well as non-

attendees.  The information will be helpful for conducting future meetings.  Zimmerer agreed to help on the survey.

Barcyzk brought up three items:

a financial report by the host school;

best paper awards;

evaluating sessions or the conference in general.


     The above items were deemed appropriate for Board action during the year ahead.


It was decided to post the Board minutes on the MPMC web site.



This item was added following the meeting to correct an oversight:


“Whereas John Groesbeck of Southern Utah University served as President/Program Chair in 2000 and as a member of the inaugural Board of Directors during 2000 and 2001;


Be it resolved that John’s outstanding service to the Mountain Plains Management Conference be recognized and that our sincere thanks go to John for his many contributions to the Mountain Plains Management Conference.”.   


After thanking Board members for their continuing service and support, Geisler

adjourned the meeting at 8:25 a.m.