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The 2015 Conference Will be Held At

Colorado Mesa University

September 16-19, 2015


Welcome to the Home Page of the Mountain Plains Business Association. The Association was created 58 years ago to provide scholars and researchers from the Mountain Plains region of the United States a vehicle for sharing their thoughts and ideas with academic colleagues.  While there is a core of five host institutions who rotate the hosting assignments of the annual conference, members come from over 100 colleges and universities nationwide and overseas. 

The annual conference of the MPBA is a gathering of scholars and other interested parties who share research and discuss relevant and contemporary issues in all areas of business. Topics of discussion include Management, Marketing, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Business Law, International Business, Information Systems, and other business-related areas.

The Journal of the  is housed at Southern Utah University. The annual conference, however, is hosted by a different institution each year.

The 2015 Global MPBA Conference will be held at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction.  The Conference Chair is Prof. Rodney Carter (rlcarter@coloradomesa.edu). The Conference website is here (http://www.mountainplainsconference.com). All conference information, including details on submission guidelines, registration procedures, and conference details can  be found at the conference website above. 

The conference has a long tradition, dating back many decades. The gathering is informal, and presentations include everything from publishable articles and formal papers to discussion-oriented abstracts. A high degree of collegiality exists, and many long-term friendships are created as a result from attending the annual conferences.

The Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics, begun in 1999, is a refereed journal included in Cabell's annual edition of academic journals. Any person interested in submitting a paper for consideration to the Journal is encouraged to visit the Journal's homepage for further information.

Since members of the Mountain Plains Management Conference have an unusually high degree of collegiality, we have referenced a member list for quick contact with any of our many participants. Just click the following link to access each member's name, address, phone, fax and email.

This site also has a link to "Online Discussion Forums," in which individuals can chat with others who share interests in any of the various business fields: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, and Pedagogy.



Mountain Plains Journal of Business and Economics
Member List
On-Line Discussion Forums
History of the MPMA (compiled by Richard Vail)
Conference Planning Guide (for host colleges and universities)
Procedures for Consideration as a Host Institution


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